Regional Training Seminars

Please visit the following websites to learn more about our Regional Seminars:

Heartland (AR/MO)
New Orleans
Santa Fe

The Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts is a multi-regional organization offering seminar opportunities for interested, qualified professionals in seven regions: Heartland/St. Louis, Memphis-Atlanta, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Santa Fe, and Texas. These seminars meet over eight weekends during the academic year, and are taught by area and visiting analysts with a variety of perspectives and interests.

Seminar participation may include assigned readings, films, and occasional written assignments. Each local seminar has its own criteria for admission, but in general is open to anyone with a serious interest in Jungian studies. Although most participants are mental health practitioners, our training seminars also welcome people from other professional domains, including artists, historians, teachers, and clergy. Seminar topics may range from discussion of one of Jung’s essays to contemporary issues as seen through a Jungian lens. Tuition per semester varies among the seminars, so please check with the one(s) that interest you to receive current cost requirements.