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Money Matters

Hello Colleagues,


Here you can find how much you owe for dues, how much exam fees are, and/or how much you will receive as a stipend for your committee work for IRSJA. These amounts for IRSJA have been determined and voted in by the membership and are what is current now for 2017.


The IAAP dues are determined by IAAP and the negotiated exchange rate we agree upon with IAAP.





Active Members     $400.00


Emeritus (75+)       $200.00


Active Members who vote with IRSJA  

 (as versus voting with AGAP or Chicago, for example)


Dues for IAAP         $260.00**


Candidates              $620.00

Newly Admitted      $310.00 (half year)

 (**Members over 75 years of age do not have to pay IAAP dues. You remain a member of IAAP but pay no dues after 75.)


Admission Fees___________________________________________

 Applying Analysts                              $200.00

Application for Candidacy                   $500.00

 Exam Fees___________________________________________

 Propaedeuticum Exams (all 5)            $800.00

Propaedeuticum Retakes (each)            $200.00

Thesis Exam                                      $850.00

Cases Exam                                        $850.00





Executive Committee Members
President $1,000 per year
Vice-President $1,000 per year
Secretary $1,000 per year
Treasurer $1,000 per year
Director of Admissions $1,000 per year
Director of Training $1,000 per year

Training Committees

Director of Training $1,000 (as per above)
     Training Committee Member $500 per year
Propaedeuticum Committee


$50 per exam, up to $250
   Propaedeuticum Examiner $50 per exam, up to $250
   Substitute Propaedeuticum


$50 per exam, up to $250
Thesis or Cases Committee Chair $350
   Reviewer Thesis or Cases


Review Committee Chair $50 per interview, up to $250 + $50 for being Chair
   Review Committee


$50 per interview, up to $250
  Review Committee


$50 per interview, up to $250
Other Committees
Admissions Committee Chair $1,000 (as per above)
   Admissions Committee Member $50 per interview, up to $250
Ethics Committee Chair $500 per year
   Ethic Committee Member $125 per meeting
Membership Committee Chair $250 per meeting
   Membership Committee Member $50 per applicant, up to $250
Nominations Committee Chair $500 per election
   Nominations Committee Member $100 per election
Continuing Education Committee Chair $700 per year
   Continuing Education Committee
(per meeting)
Free CE’s plus $100 if doing an APA or NCC report/ $250 for application
Other Positions
Parliamentarian (per meeting) $125 per meeting
Community Liaison $250 per year
Facebook Coordinator $250 per year
Website Coordinator $500 per year



If you need a reimbursement form to send to the Treasurer: REIMBURSEMENT FORM 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Puddi Kullberg

IRSJA Treasurer



History & Archives

History of the Society

The Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts was established in St. Louis, Missouri, on December 15, 1973. The Founding Members were James Hall, Tom Kapacinskas, Linda Leonard, June Singer, Murray Stein, Arwind Vasavada, Joseph Wheelwright, and William Willeford. Louise Bode and William Walker were present as participating observers. Harry Wilmer was the first Analyst admitted into the Society at the Spring IAAP Congress in London in 1974.

The Inter-Regional Society came into being in order to facilitate mutual professional analytic fellowship and provide training for those students wanting such but not being able to participate in one of the already-established training programs of the IAAP. The idea of the Inter-Regional Society was discussed between June Singer (Chicago), James Hall (Dallas), and William Walker (Memphis) as early as 1972. Both James and June saw the need for a training program to serve those persons not in the area of other institutes. They laid the plans for the Inter-Regional and became the key forces in its inception. The New York Society provided a grant in order to aid the I-RSJA in its petition to become a Society with the IAAP. Joseph Wheelwright, a member of the International Executive Committee, was present and carried the cause of the l-RSJA to the IAAP and helped shepherd our application.

The first formal meeting of the Society, after being approved by the International, took place in Chicago at the Hotel Belmont, October 5-6, 1974. There Werner Engel met with the Society and became one of the key figures in the examination process of the Institute. At that meeting Louise Bode and William Walker became the first Control candidates. Walker transferred from the Zürich training program and Bode was associated with June Singer in the Chicago program and had passed her Propaedeuticum Exam in Zürich. Dr. Hall proudly announced that the following had become the first candidates to pass the Inter-Regional Propaedeuticum:  Harvey Honig, Gary Malek, and Conrad Muehling. The following candidates were admitted to the training program: Anne Avery, Virginia Cowger, Virginia DiCicco, John Giannini, Lois Khan, Sally Parks, Leland Roloff, and Martha Wolf.

Louise Bode and William Walker were the first persons to take and pass the Final Exams and become graduates of the Inter-Regional Society Training Program. This took place at the Spring meeting at Carmel, California, in 1976.

The first officers of the Inter-Regional Society were James Hall, President; June Singer, Vice President; Thomas Kapacinskas, Secretary; and Murray Stein, Treasurer. The Training Committee was chaired by June Singer and was composed of James Hall, June Singer, and William Willeford, with Murray Stein as alternate.

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

For more information, download this document: Upcoming meetings 2016-18


April 20-24: Millennium Harvest House, Boulder, Colorado
October 19-23: Renaissance Charlotte Suites, Charlotte, North Carolina: (proposed schedule)


April 26-29: Millennium Harvest House Hotel, Boulder, Colorado (proposed schedule)
October 18-22: Hilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport, Mall of America Hotel


April 18-21: The Drury Inn, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Fall: TBD


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